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  • $850,000.00
    Truck vs Auto Accident - Woodland
  • $427,924.89
    Client Put at Fault by Police, Penney and Associates Wins Verdict
  • $263,301.00
    Premesis Liability - Oroville
  • $3,200,000.00
    Leg Injury Auto Accident
  • $575,000.00
    Bicycle Accident - Roseville
  • $100,000.00
    Motor Vehicle Accident *client at fault - Monterey Co 2013
  • $250,000.00
    Rear End Auto Accident - Back Injury - Chico
  • $1,800,000.00
    Truck vs Auto Accident - Yolo County
  • $276,000.00
    Medical Malpractice
  • $1,000,000.00
    DUI Head on, Car vs Car, Multiple Injury - Bay Area
  • $100,000.00
    Motor Vehicle Accident - Santa Clara County 2014
  • $500,000.00
    Pedestrian vs. Auto - Los Angeles
  • $557,628.00
    Construction / Industrial Accident
  • $100,000.00
    Auto Accident - Shoulder Injury
  • $1,800,000.00
    Centerline Crossover Accident
  • $786,611.00
    Motorcycle Accident
  • $1,159,270.00
    Pedestrian Involved Accident
  • $172,386.00
    Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $100,000.00
    Auto Accident Bay Area
  • $1,500,000.00
    Automobile Accident
  • $160,000.00
    Dog Attack Minor Bite
  • $1,274,204.00
    Medical Malpractice
  • $100,000.00
    Motorcycle Sideswipe Accident - Solano County 2014
  • $1,164,160.00
    Auto Accident Hwy 80, Bay Area
  • $200,000.00
    Police find our Client at Fault - Los Angeles
  • $130,000.00
    3 mph Pedestrian vs. Automobile
  • $700,000.00
    Avalanche Injury
  • $265,000.00
    Auto Police Put our Client at Fault
  • $1,274,204.00
    Medical Malpractice
  • $265,000.00
    Bicycle Accident - Roseville
  • $234,999.00
    Discharge Firearm
  • $500,000.00
    Motorcycle Accident - I-80
  • $250,000.00
    Bicycle vs. Car - San Francisco
  • $300,000.00
    Bicycle vs. Auto - Sacramento
  • $3,750,000.00
    Automobile Accident - Vacaville
  • $100,000.00
    Motor Vehicle Red Light Accident - Placer County 2013
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About California Personal Injury Attorneys Penney and Associates

The personal injury attorneys at Penney and Associates have over 100 years of combined experience in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Each attorney has at least 14 years and up to 35 years of experience handling personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our personal injury firm is well established and has offices throughout California.

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$1,500,000.00 Broadside Collision: Yuba City, CA July 2010 66-year-old Certified Nursing Assistant suffered multiple, severe injuries when her vehicle broadsided a disabled vehicle on a freeway. The other driver had lost control of her car and came to rest sideways across two lanes. On her way to work during a dark, early morning in December, our client encountered the disabled vehicle and could not avoid a high speed collision. The investigating officer placed complete blame on our client. However, further investigation and hired experts showed that our client was not negligent and, conversely, complete responsibility for the accident rested with the other driver (who tragically was fatally injured in the accident). The case settled for the insurance policy limit amount of $1.5 million.

$20,000.00 Intersection Collision: Trial Verdict - February 2009 Chico, CA Housewife suffered soft-tissue injuries due to an intersection collision in Chico. Both drivers claimed to have a green light. The jury trial focused on fault. After the parties and witnesses for both sides testify, the Butte County jury sided with plaintiff and rendered a very favorable verdict.(Read More)

$300,000.00 Dog Bite: Settlement - August 2008 Oroville, CA 12 year old girl was a dog bite victim while walking in a public park. The Defendant's Rottweiler was on a leash, but being "controlled" by his young son, who could not prevent the unprovoked attack. Our client suffered bite wounds to top of her head and both arms.

$3.5 million Rollover Accident: Settlement - March 2008 Chico, CA Rollover accident involving co-workers traveling from Chico to Davis when the van in which they were riding sustained a tire de-treading. The van driver lost control, left the freeway, and rolled on the dirt shoulder of I-5, causing serious injuries.

$557,628.00 Farming Accident: Trial Verdict - February 2008 Glenn County Personal injuries arising from a farming accident caused by Defendants' negligence. Multiple trial issues included standard of care, comparative negligence, contributory negligence, and permanent disability. Five day jury trial in Glenn County. (Read more)

$2.6 million Wrongful Death: Settlement - May 2007 Yuba City, CA Working mother was fatally injured when a tractor-trailer negligently changed lanes, forcing the Plaintiff's mini-van into oncoming traffic, resulting in a head-on collision. The case settled on the second day of a jury trial in Sutter County.

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